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Who is Ellie Keys?

Ellie Keys is a self proclaimed eclectic author. She tends to write romance based novels, but they fall into different genres: contemporary, paranormal, mythological and erotic.  She also has created short stories and poetry. In the near future, she hopes to release a children's book series. Ms. Jones incorporates all avenues of creativity into her works.

Ellie Keys began writing when she was just beginning her teen years. A pen in hand meant she needed to vent words that she couldn't otherwise express. Living a life that was already filled with pain and heartache, Ms. Jones began writing poetry. The ability to release the barely contained emotions was enough to inspire her to take Creative Writing classes in college.

Finding her stride with creative writing, she continued to write. Ellie Keys has put thought to page to amass quite a collection of work. Inspired by life and the dreams that press her to give "voice" to her characters, she is excited to bring her first work to fruition. There will be many to follow.
Ms. Jones resides in the Georgia area and hopes to use her knowledge to educate other aspiring authors. Enjoy the workings from an overactive mind!

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This author offers plethora of items for an Eclectic Palate: Short Stories, Poetry, Paranormal/Fantasy, Interracial & Contemporary Romance Novels.

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